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About IWIB4AI's Founder

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Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger, Founder & CEO

International business lawyer legally trained in Colombia, Sweden, and USA, who for the past 13 years have been working in the intersection at law, technology, and regulatory affairs. Tatiana is a legal futurist and passionate advocate for the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence in business and society. As the Founder and CEO of International WoMenX In Business For Ethical AI (IWIB4AI) she leads a global network of men and women in business who share a common vision of advancing AI innovation with legal, ethical, and social values. IWIB4AI engages with lawmakersbusiness leaders,  associations, NGOs, other think-tanks, researchers and academia that are shaping the AI policy debate.

Advisory Board Members  

Meet IWIB4AI's Core Team

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