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IWIB4AI Primary Focus

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IWIB4AI's purpose is to build a world where AI is developed, deployed, and used ethically, it has to happen by applying the rule of law and implementing local and international standards.  IWIB4AI discussions address the main ethical, social, and legal issues in the development and implementation of AI and its associated risks including the risk of AI applications to other technologies. 

IWIB4AI's primary focus includes

1. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, sharing best practices, research findings, and insights to foster a collective effort towards responsible AI.

2. Public Awareness and Education: Raising awareness among the public regarding AI’s potential and challenges, fostering understanding, and promoting informed discussions on its societal impact.

3. Ethical Frameworks: Discussing ethical guidelines and frameworks to guide the development and application of AI, emphasizing fairness, transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

4. Participating in surveys and voicing policy recommendations: Providing recommendations to policymakers and regulatory bodies to develop appropriate laws and regulations that govern AI usage, ensuring it aligns with societal values and objectives.

5. Inclusivity and Diversity: Encouraging diverse perspectives and inclusivity in AI development to minimize bias and enhance AI systems’ understanding and representation of all individuals.

6. Privacy, Security and Data Protection: Advocating for robust data privacy measures and emphasizing the importance of securing and protecting individuals’ data in AI applications.

7. Quantum Computing and Web3:  Addressing risks from Quantum Computing in AI Security and AI applications to be used in the Web 3 Ecosystem, like IoT and the Metaverse.

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