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Welcome to IWIB4AI

A Think-Tank shaping AI with Diverse Minds and a Unified Vision

International WoMenX in Business for Ethical AI (IWIB4AI) is a global think-tank created to represent civil society in the AI conversation. It gathers a multidisciplinary, diverse, and inclusive group of individuals to voice civil society's concerns and to help build a world where AI is developed, deployed, and used ethically. 

IWIB4AI stems from the Swedish network International Women In Business (IWIB), a professional business network born under the umbrella of The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in 2018. 



IWIB's purpose is to help solve ethical AI use cases through collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We are a think tank of prominent and diverse WoMenX in the business world who are using our collective expertise to tackle some of the most common ethical dilemmas in AI; from algorithmic and human biases to misinformation and environmental risks from AI. We serve as a platform for the private sector, academia, and research to voice ethical concerns on AI from civil society.


Our goal is to raise awareness on AI risks and help build a world where AI is developed and deployed ethically and inclusively. We are committed to fostering a community where everyone's ideas and perspectives are valued and heard. At IWIB4AI we focus on use-cases where AI impacts Human Rights and domains around safety, privacy, autonomy, lawfulness, inclusiveness and transparency. 


Our vision is to promote the development of human-centric AI that adheres to democratic values and is compliant with universal human rights. We strive to create a future where AI is used for the betterment of society and future generations, while ensuring our privacy and security, creating a future where AI is used to improve the lives of people while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.

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