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Introducing IWIB's Collaboration with IESE Business School (IESE)

Ranked #1 MBA program in the world!

IWIB is pleased to collaborate with IESE Business School. An opportunity to build relationships that could not only change your career but inspire you on a professional and personal level.


Management professionals need to continuously update their knowledge and skills set to keep up with the changing needs of the job market. IWIB's collaboration with IESE Business School helps members plan and manage their careers, allowing access to relevant study options at all stages of your career, with beneficial terms. IWIB discounts are available depending upon the program.


For young professionals we offer full-time Master’s degrees, like our one-year Master in Management (MiM) at our Madrid Campus, and for those with 4-5 years of work experience, the two-year full-time Master in Business Administration (MBA) at our Barcelona Campus.

For working professionals we offer different formats of Executive MBA programs at our campuses in Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, and São Paulo (professionals aged 30-38), and a blended/itinerant Global Executive MBA program for more senior professionals (aged 35 onwards).

For these particular programs there are no specific discounts in place, but candidates can apply for scholarship and financial aid through our Financial Aid Office.


IESE offers a range of longer non-degree programs in General Management, Strategy, and Leadership, of 6-7 months duration, in modular formats.
Business Acceleration Program (28-35 years of age)
Program for Management Development (35-45 years of age)
Advanced Management Program (40-50 years of age)
Global CEO Program (35+ years)

IESE's portfolio of Focused Programs include short programs of 1 to 5 days, for skills updates and/or focus on specific knowledge areas. These programs are available on campus, blended, or on-line.

IESE also offers specific programs to prepare you for Board Member roles, like the High Performance Board Member program, a joint program with Harvard Business School for active board professionals, Value Creation Through Effective Boards.

IWIB Members can benefit from a 10% benefaction on tuition fees for these programs.


We have experienced program advisors that offer coaching and orientation conversations, to help you evaluate if and how executive management programs can help you in your career planning and career progression. You are welcome to request a video call or meeting through:

Courses & Programs

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Online Free Courses

Foundations of Management Specialization

Short Focus Program

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