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Think-Tank & Consulting Group

IWIB4AI is a Think-Tank with presence in Brussels and a global consulting group 

AI raises the threat of work automation. Like other technologies, AI is disrupting existing modes of production to replace them with more productive ones. How we choose to manage these economic transformations will make a difference in the distributive impact of AI. IWIB4AI is here to mitigate potentially unfair inequalities and help find solutions.  ​


 AI gives rise to a range of ethical issues calling for careful consideration like:

  • AI coupled with facial recognition can enable widespread surveillance.

  • AI can threaten privacy by facilitating the analysis and exploitation of large-scale, sensitive datasets such as medical records.

  • ML can lead to algorithmic bias and discrimination by reproducing historic injustice.

  • Algorithmic decision-making is often opaque, even to engineers cannot explain how their AI system is able to produce relevant results, which may lead to a lack of transparency and accountability in decision-making processes.


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